Our Mission

At Grow Taller Group, our mission is to offer the highest quality unique products and services to help people grow taller and increase height.

Our Philosophy

We believe our primary responsibility is our customers and therefore we are 100% committed to satisfy our customers' needs. We offer 100% support (one-on-one live telephone and email consultations) whenever you need it. Our phone number and email address are all listed on the Contact Us page. We are here to answer your questions and give you live assistance. In short, our philosophy is to serve our customers.

Our History

We (Grow Taller Group) are an established company who has offered the #1 Grow Taller and Increase Height Program on the same web site for more than 14 years (since April, 1999). We have thousands of satisfied Kimi and PE customers all over the world and have received so many original testimonials from people among all different age groups who have grown taller. Even though there are more than 20 different "grow taller" products, Kimi and PE have been #1 since we introduced it. Moreover, because of the effectiveness of Kimi and PE, they have become more popular each and every day - many Kimi and PE users refer them to other people because it has worked for them. In a word, we have a stable and credible history which we are proud of.